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GTR Racing Simulator. There is no comparison.

GTR Racing Simulator is a brand of Abtivan, a company founded by car guys for car guys. We started in Los Angeles in 2002 as a wholesaler and distributor of performance parts. Our product lines were based on what we demanded as high-performance auto enthusiasts -- we sold what we would want on our cars. Soon enough, we surpassed all of our sales goals, as serious drivers came to us for wheels, brakes, lowering springs, struts, coil-overs, racing seats and a full range of accessories.

Our team of drivers, racers and engineers developed components for cars in various professional racing series, from GT cars to Touring cars to Grand Am as well as formula cars.

Following our success with road and race car performance parts, we decided to apply our knowledge to another of our passions: simulator racing and gaming. Many of the racing simulator cockpits on the market were either unsteady, unrealistic or unaffordable. With our engineering experience and established relationships with fabricators, we knew we could build a better racing simulator rig and keep prices realistic (you shouldn’t need a sponsor to be able to afford a gaming accessory !).

Working with our network of professional race drivers, we spent hours examining the seating positions and dimensions of sports car and race car cockpits and figured out what traits would best be carried over into a driving simulator gaming seat.

From this process, the GTR Racing Simulator line came to life, and GTR Racing Simulator was formed to distinguish our driving simulator efforts from our real-world auto businesses. We remain headquartered in Southern California, where the surrounding tuner car culture and racing scene inspires our design and research efforts. Our sales, marketing and distribution facilities are exclusively in the United States.

GTR Racing Simulator. There is no comparison.


Each of our models is designed and tested by professional racers. But we realize not everyone wants a simulator rig to exactly mimic a race car. So we offer nine models that meet the needs of those whose tastes range from weekend performance driving to amateur racing and even professional racing. We have the right simulator for you.

GS Model

The GS Steering Wheel Stand. Future Perfect. Steering Wheel Stand Reborn.

We have redefined the new GS steering wheel stand in terms of its performance, portability and defined how the steering wheel stand of the future should look. In doing so, we have once again succeeded in creating an icon of independence in that inimitable GTR Simulator way. Just like its legendary predecessors, including the the GTS model, it is a GTR Simulator that continues to epitomise the feeling of genuine freedom and advancement.

Touring Model

Brains, with beauty-it’s a driving experience unlike any other.

The Touring Simulator gives you the comfort and feel of a production sports car. Its wider seat bottom and more upright driving position allow for longer drive times from the civilized position of a high-performance street car. Its top-quality materials and construction match the high-end sports car feel. If you want to replicate the experience of taking a Ferrari out on a track day, or canyon blasting in a Mitsubishi Evo, this is your seat.

GTS Model

True GTS Proportion

True to its race car heritage, the GTS Simulator features a long pedal stand, lower belt and pedal line and low seating position. Its adjustable bucket racing seat provides more lateral support and you will immediately feel the adrenaline once you sit in the simulator. This is not a relax-and-enjoy-the-ride feel. The full racing position gives you more precise turning and braking firmness.

GTA Model

All Legend. Zero Compromise

“A” Stands for adjustability. GTR Simulator unveils the new GTA Driving simulator is effortless comfortable with countless of groundbreaking design bringing the player ultimate driving experience that is comfortable. Innovations abound.

GTA driving simulator allows the player comfort that can’t be imagined. The GTA driving simulator’s adjustable seating position offers the key element of the ideal driving position for countless hours. Comfort that transcends the journey and helps you finished gaming refreshed starts with a fully adjustable racing bucket seat.

GT Model

At 10,000 RPM, you don't know if that sound is coming from the game or from you.

The GT racing simulator adds another level of race car realism with a fixed bucket racing seat and lower profile, inspired by F-1 cars. The GT Racing Simulator redefines video gaming authenticity, positioning you much like an F-1 driver in an open-wheel racer cockpit. The no-compromises driving position is where you want to be when pulling serious virtual G’s.

GTSF model

Launch of the new GTS-F Series

A study in comfort and ergonomic precision, the GTR-F sport seat combine luxury and performance in equal measure. A new design features lateral stitching and GTR lettering, stylish complements to their racing-derived integrated head restraints and deep side bolster. The 4-way adjustable seat offers the key element of the ideal driving position. Pure comfort is always part of the GTR Simulator performance experience, and the exquisite finish of the GTS-F Racing Simulator out performs every expectation.

GTAF Model

Immerse yourself in its Future Design

Engineering and style – and GTR Racing Simulator identity on the inside, as demonstrated by the ascending steering wheel plate. In typical GTR Simulator fashion, the use of form follows a basic principle: focus on the driver. This is why the distance between the gear lever or selector and steering wheel is extremely short and the operating logic. You shouldn’t have to browse one submenu after another. You should instead be able to concentrate on what’s important: the race.

CRJ Model

At 30,000 Feet, freedom is all you can see.

There are plenty of reasons why our the GTR CRJ Flight Simulator has outsold the combined total of its competition. Many of which are the same reasons why we have sold more simulator than anyone else. Sure, it's exceptional performance and payload. Seat comfort, stability, reliability and value. But it's also about the peace of mind that comes standard with every CRJ Flight Simulator. Because every simulator we build at GTR Simulator, stability and reliability is always at the forefront.

GTM Motion Model

GTR Racing Simulator Intelligent Performance

The target could hardly been set any higher: the Original GT Racing Simulator. The Aim: to Surpass it. The method: GTR Racing Simulator Intelligent Performance. The Result: The GTR GTM Racing Simulator. Not an angle too few, not an ounce too much. Our engineers experienced just one feeling: awe. Before they started. And definitely after they had finished. A feeling that goes with you.


  • High quality seat, very comfortable. You can adjust the back so suit your needs and there are rails below it like a car seat allowing you to slide the chair back and forth. The metal is strong and was cut perfectly as everything fits like a glove.

    Comes with two allen wrenches and is easy to adjust the size and spacing of the seat and monitors. I use the 3 monitor setup, using 24in slim acers I picked up for $160/ea here on amazon. What's great is that I can remove my flight yoke system and place a keyboard and mouse on the unit or drop my laptop on the yoke stand and use it as a workstation. I like how I can also swap up the flight yoke and rudders and mount a racing wheel and pedals along with a shifter. The set comes with everything you need no matter what monitor configuration you use and comes with 2 side arm mounts to mount either a shifter or a throttle... I use one for my nostromo n52 and the other for the throttle levers or clutch levers. It feels like it was built with the saitek pro series flight instruments in mind and everything is a perfect fit. I've been looking and buying a setup like this and when I stumbled across this setup and compared the price to other similar models this was the clear winner. I feel like I'm using that awesome computer in that movie swordfish. I'm a geek but I sure do love this product. A+ and highly recommend! Props to the company making this product and doing so at such an affordable price!

    Oh one note, don't try to over tighten the screws as I broke one of the welds. No biggie just a word of caution not to over tighten as they only need to be firm, don't try to screw them in as hard as you can. When you feel reasonable resistance your good :)

    Dustin Holdiman from Arizona

  • I've had a custom built "racing" chair for some time that we made several years ago with a gaming rocker and some MDF. It worked great but wasn't very great looking or adjustable between by 6' husband and me at 5'5". I got Forza 6 and decided I wanted something better when I pre-ordered Forza 7. It was helpful to have two people to put this together as it's pressure fit in some areas (by design or not). It does the job. It's easy to adjust and quite comfortable for several hours of racing. It's pretty well built and easy to move around on your own. While I've taken my own cars to the track -- simulation and wrecking cars in a game is somehow still quite a bit more satisfying. If you enjoy racing games, and have or are getting a wheel setup -- just buy this; you won't regret it.


  • Folks, this seat is a phenomenal deal. Are there better setups? Sure. Are any of them a better value? Not that I could find. Others are 3-4x the price and for what? The whole thing is well designed and very rugged. The seat itself is worth most of the price. Nice thick leather(ette), double stitching, embroidered logo, etc. The frame is very solid. I did not have any of the problems that other buyers mentioned. Packaging was sufficient and fully intact. All the hardware was there. Everything mated up perfectly with no modifications. My Logitech G29 Wheel, Shifter and pedals bolted right up with the supplied holes. I just had to pick up some M6x1.0 bolts for the mounting and I was all set. My only complaint is that the instructions are really quite bad but it wasn't hard to just figure it out. Total build took me all of 2 hours, so still 5 stars. If you are trying to build a serious rig on a tight budget like me, buy this seat. It is a real bang for the buck.

    David Plaster

  • I must say I am very pleased with the GTR Simulator, Packaging was in great condition and shipping was fast. Seller responded very promptly when messaged with a question. Product was more than I expected not only is it super durable and easy I mean easy to put together but was also nicely designed. All parts fit beautifully and have a nice finish the entire set up is just awesome. I will be adding a link to a video of my setup and thoughts shortly. I did upgrade the GTA model to the GTA F model with triple/single monitor stand and GTR floor matt and just waiting for those to arrive since they were added after my initial order. I would highly recommend this simulator to anyone just getting into racing simulators or someone trying to build a serious rig.

    ****UPDATE 9-28-2016******* Today I received the monitor mount and GTR Floor Matt and again Packaging was great, Not sure what others are complaining about on the packaging. Also the issues some have mentioned I have not come across and I will clarify some miss conception in my assembly video that I will be posting soon . The monitor mount is made to compliment the GTA model perfectly, This Rig Is SOLID and you will NOT need to modify or add additionally braces. I Was Blown away at the quality and ruggedness of the floor matt if you have wood floors or tile this is a must have.

    Brad Jackson


GTR Racing Simulator sponsors racer Ryan Krachun who is racing in North Carolina on March 30th

Published on Saturday, 17 March 2012 11:33 March 17, 2012 GTR Racing Simulator sponsored 13 year old racer Ryan Krachun is ready for his first USAC Midget Racing. Ryan Krachun will be racing the USAC Ford Focus series in North Carolina on 3/30/2012. Ryan Krachun uses the GTR Racing Simulator GTS-F model for his daily practices to get ready for the race.

New Model Release, GTA & GTS-F

Published on Tuesday, 15 November 2011 10:30 PRESS RELEASE: Covina, CA, 15-November-2011 - GTR Simulator is proud to announce the release of its brand new model for GTR Racing Simulator - GTA (Grand Touring Auto) and the GTS-F (Grand Touring Sports Type F). Each driving simulator will give the driver a completely different driving experience. All were designed by and tested by professional race car drivers.

WTCC Professional Race Kevin Nai-Chai Chen's Test Drives Playstation 3 Gran Turismo 5

After 5 years of waiting, Gran Turismo 5 has finally been released. Gran Turismo is the most-played car racing game on the market. Gran Turismo has over 1000 cars in its collection and the new GT5 has rain and night modes. Sony Playstation Taiwan and Nextmedia invited WTCC pro race car driver Kevin Nai-Chia Chen from Taiwan to test drive the new GT5

kevin chen

Forza Motorsport 3!Microsoft X09 Video Game Show in Taiwan - Xbox 360 with Kevin Nai Chia Chen

GP2 Driver Kevin Nai Chia Chen from Taiwan was invited to Microsoft's X09 Video Game Show. During the show, Kevin drove a brand new MASERATI Gran Turismo into the show and test drove and endorsed Forza Motorsport 3.

kevin chen


GTR Logo

GTR Simulator is committed to racing motorsports. If you are a professional racing team, virtual racing team, amateur racer, or a shop owner, we'd love to sponsor you. Simply submit your sponsorship proposal to: sponsor@gtrsim.com


GTR Simulator offers a very generous discount to group buy customers who order 5 or more GTR Simulators. you can email: groupbuys@gtrsim.com


GTR Simulator is committed to racing motorsports and have been participating a almost every racing series from Formula to GT cars, from dirt racing to virtual racing.

If you are a professional racing team, virtual racing team, amateur racer, or a shop owner, we'd love to sponsor you.

Simply submit your sponsorship proposal to: sponsor@gtrsim.com

Feature Image 3

Kevin Nai-Chia Chen

GP2 Racer

Born in Taiwan, raised and educated in the U.S.A., Kevin is one of the few driver who holds a dual nationality in both Taiwan and U.S.A. He is not only a professional racing car driver but also very knowledgeable when developing both race and street cars as he has own a racing team in the U.S. back in 2006 with Grand American Road Racing. Being one of the few Chinese driver who participated in the GP2 Series, British F3 and WTCC (World Touring Car Championship), Kevin is well known as one of the top driver from Taiwan.

Feature Image 3

Daniel Burkett

USF 2000 Driver

After karting in various series Burkett made his open wheel debut in 2013. His first race was the opening round of the 2013 U.S. F2000 Winterfest. During the three races he finished fifteenth, seventeenth and thirteenth. He started in the regular USF2000 season for Belardi Auto Racing. After a rough start of the season Burkett improved and was a regular top-ten finisher. His best result was a fifth place finish at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. He finished fifteenth in the standings. During the 2014 Winterfest Burkett returned to the series in the final round at Barber Motorsports Park. Burkett made his debut in the Atlantic Championship with K-Hill Motorsports in 2014. He swept the opening round at Road Atlanta winning both races. He has also signed on to compete in a second season of U.S. F2000 with Belardi. Daniel Burkett is now official GTR Racing Simulator sponsored driver.

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