GTA Pro Simulator (Black) – Seat Color Options Available


What’s in the Box:
Each GTA Pro Simulator package includes:

•Powder coated frame with diamond-plate base
•Real racing seat
•Only 1 slider for pedal adjustment
•Center steering control mount
•Shifter Holder

Optional Upgrades:
•Swivel keyboard and mouse tray
•Additional Seat Slider
•Small Triple Monitor Stand (Fit up to 3*24″ TV)
•Large Triple Monitor Stand (Fit up to 3*39″ TV)


The GTA Pro Simulator is compatible with other GTR Simulator modular components such as:

•The GTA-F Triple Monitor Mounting Assembly

•Designed, tested & used by professional racers/gamers.
•Adjustable racing position to set up a personal racing style.
•Outstanding adjustable angle positions & distance of wheel plate and pedal plate.
•Extra parts included gear shifter holder and standard single/triple monitor stand.
•Sturdy, high-quality powder-coated alloy steel frame with premium adjustable leatherette racing seat.
•Pass the strength test, well build to support direct drive wheels.
•Pre-drilled, compatible with major gaming accessories; wheels and pedals for Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and more.
•The seat slider is not included, needs to order separately.



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GTA Pro Simulator –The Latest in Sim Racing Development Brought to You by GTR Simulator.

Highly active in the racing community, GTR Simulator recognizes drivers of all ages across all classes. The GTA Pro Simulator is a professional-grade gaming cockpit that has been designed and tested by professional racers and tailored for racers ages three and up. Whether you’re a pint-sized pilot or a titan of the track, the GTA Pro Simulator can comfortably accommodate drivers at least 32 inches tall up to 7 feet! The GTA Pro Racing Simulator can grow with your budding track star or be the gaming centerpiece that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

A Vehicle for Winning on and off the Track

With the GTA Pro Simulator, adjustments can be fine-tailored and made tighter than ever with four 180-degree pivotal locking joints for absolute control and customization. Once locked, joints will hold position even under the most strenuous of driving conditions. Drivers can comfortably recreate an F1 layout and still have the rigidity to withstand direct-drive force-feedback from the steering wheel. While off the track, the GTA Pro features a swivel-mounted keyboard & mouse tray with height adjustment. Simply swing the tray over your lap and your racing simulator is now ready to be your workstation. Whether you need a day trading platform or a multi-mount setup for your MIDI keyboard and DAW, The GTA Pro has what it takes to be the foundation for your career both on and off the track.

A Big Rig in a Small Package

The GTA Pro features a compact design engineered to expand and adjust to each individual’s preference. Along with the swing-out keyboard and mouse tray, this gaming rig is able to:

•Adjust the height and both the tilt angle of the gaming seat and backrest
•Adjust the angle and depth of the pedal control mount
•Adjust the height and depth of the shifter mount
•Adjust the height, angle, and depth of the control deck for mounting your steering wheel,
HOTAS or yoke for either driving simulators or flight simulators

Additional information

Seat Color Options

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Keyboard & Mousetray

FREE Keyboard & Mousetray with PREORDER, Keyboard & Mousetray


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