GTA Lite Simulator – A Compact Racing Simulator Designed to fit any Environment and Budget (BACKORDERED)


Don’t Let This Sub-compact Simulator Fool You

Once unfolded, the GTA Lite Simulator can be fine-tuned to fit your racing needs. Along with the innovative ability to transform your existing chair into a gaming cockpit, the GTA Lite simulator is fully adjustable and is able to:
• Adjust the height, angle, and depth of the control deck for mounting your steering wheel, HOTAS or yoke for either driving simulators or flight simulators.
• Adjust the angle of the 5-position pedal control mount,
• Adjust the height and depth of the side shifter mount,
• Collapse and fold flat for easy storage while not in use.
What’s in the Box:
Each GTA Lite Simulator package includes:
• Powder-coated frame with quick-release angle and height adjustments
• Pre-drilled center steering control mount with 360° pivotal locking joints
• Pre-drilled side shifter control mount for left or right-side drive
• Pre-drilled 5-position pedal control mounting plate

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Whether you have limited space, a tight budget, or simply don’t want to give up that big comfy chair of yours, the GTA Lite Simulator is the gaming rig for you. The GTA Lite is a convenient racing simulator designed to link up to your current office gaming chair and lock it in place. Simply remove two wheels from your swivel chair and insert the adjustable pins of the GTA Lite in their place. Play as long as you’d like and when you’re ready to retire, simply dismount your gaming seat and any controls, fold the GTA Lite Simulator flat, and stow it away. Pop your wheels back in and your chair is ready for the next rat race!
Turn Any Office Chair into a Racing Sim
Whether you’re looking to take your iRacing career on the road or need a compact setup for the Player 2 in your life, the GTA Lite Simulator has many of the features of its larger stablemates reworked into a compact package just for you. The GTA Lite even features the revolutionary 360°locking joints found in the all-new GTA Pro Simulator. Lightweight yet rigid, the GTA Lite Simulator is more than capable of handling the direct-drive force-feedback steering wheel of your choice. All mounts come pre-drilled for your convenience and are easily modified to accommodate the controls of your choice.


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