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GTR Simulator is seeking the next talented racer

One final qualifying racer will be invited to test drive a Formula 4 race car on the track and possibly become the next racing star!


Team GTR Members will meet at the GTR Simulator Booth and use GTR Simulators running Project Cars.  Racers will be using a Formula Renault 3.5 vehicle on the Laguna Seca track.

How to participate – Join GTR Simulator Membership for only $5 / Month

  • Tier 1 Tournament Schedule:  Aug 23 – Oct 31

Rules: Complete Laguna Seca track with the following cars:

Project Car: Renault 3.5

iRacing: Dallara DW12

Forza: Formula Ford

Mode: Practice 

Feel the thrill (and spills) of


On site: 

Aug 23-25 | Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Ticket Info:                

Sep 13-15 | WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Ticket Info:

Sep 20-22 | WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Ticket Info:


Aug 23-Oct 30 | Upload your fastest lap time with screenshot via GTR Membership Area online.

Top 50 fastest lap time participants from each game will be notified to join an exclusive GTR Simulator iRacing Tournament


  • Tier 2 Tournament  Schedule: Nov 1 – Nov 18 (more details on

Rules & Winners: Top 6 GTR Simulator iRacing Tournament participants. Winners will be announced on Nov 30th

• Tier 3 Tournament (on track test) Schedule: December 2019 (more details on

On-track requirements: 

  • GTR iRacing top 6 qualification
  • Personal racing gear (helmet, racing suit, etc.)
  • Waiver of Consent (GTR Simulator will not be held liable for any accidents that may occur)

Racetrack session participants are not guaranteed to race the Formula 4 race car.

Cautionary Statement:
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