Distinct Style, The GTS-F has raised the standard.

A study in comfort and ergonomic precision, the GTS-F sport seat combine luxury and performance in equal measure.  A new design features lateral stitching and GTR lettering, stylish complements to their racing-derived integrated head restraints and deep side bolster.  The 4-way adjustable seat offers the key element of the ideal driving position.  Pure comfort is always part of the GTR Simulator performance experience, and the exquisite finish of the GTS-F Racing Simulator out performs every expectation.


Peerless Performance

Developed entirely by GTR Racing Simulator, the GTS-F features its race proven technology.  The GTS-F Racing Simulator has undergone thorough modification to offer greater driving enjoyment and conform in all driving situation, from the racetrack to rally.  Stiffer elastokinematics, revised axle geometry, and larger stabilizer bar sharpen its agility and results in a stiffer and firmer feel.

Innovations never stop

The GTS-F adjustable racing seat conforms to your body to provide optimum support and exceptional comfort over long gaming hours. 


  • L: 58 in
  • Steering H: 22-24 in
  • Total H: 43 in
  • W: 23 in
  • Gross W: 37 kg
  • Frame, Seat Bracket & Table Material: Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material: Steel Synthetic Leather
  • Reclinable Seat
  • Monitor mount: VESA (MAX 3 x 24″)
  • GTS Adjustable Bucket Racing Seat
  • GTS Single Seat Slider
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel Plate
  • Adjustable Shifter Holder
  • Single Monitor Holder


"Very happy with this Racing Simulator. I have spent hours racing in long endurance races in it ,with no discomfort .I have noticed no wheel deck wobble or shaking of the attached monitor stand . The shift stand holder does not wobble back and forth as long as you have it tighten down."
Amzon Customer
"Purchased as a birthday gift for my Husband. He LOVES it. His friends all want to come over and try it out. It's like he's in middle school again. I haven't seen him in weeks. It was very easy to put together and I was surprised the packaging wasn't very large. High quality. Worth the cost.!"
Amazon Customer
"5'10 185lb and fits me perfectly. Not using a shifter but seems to be in proper location if I was. Single 32in curved monitor is nice size for rig. Typical assambaly for size and metal components, kinda like putting together an out door grill. Update played for 2hr none stop no eye strain and the seat was great, It didn't come to mind once while driving. g920 holes match perfectly"
Amazon Customer
"Worth every Penny! I give this setup 4 stars basically for one reason. The box and packaging was in pretty rough shape when I received it. Other than that assembly wasn't terrible, it is pretty sturdy once assembled and the seat is very comfortable. Happy Racing!"
Amazon Customer
Garret Jernagan