An unrivaled level of precision and detail

“A” Stands for adjustability.  GTR Simulator unveils the new GTA™️ Driving simulator is effortless comfortable with countless of groundbreaking design bringing the player ultimate driving experience that is comfortable.  Innovations abound.

                                            All Legend. Zero Compromise



A striking design that looks superb in any light. New GTA™️ driving simulator features a sculpted aerodynamic profile for stability. Endless tweaking transformed the GTA™️ driving simulator into the sport-tuned driving rigs. Modified chassis, steering and pedal plate deliver a sportier ride and improve handling on the curves.

Style, Substance and the right connections.

Clearly, our designers thought outside the ordinary racing simulator box. Instead, they focused on the details and sculpted an athletic profile that is perpetually poised. Pedal Plate flow purposefully from the Steering Wheel Plates. Lines convey power and agility. Adjustable racing seat pick up those same lines and race you around the rear.  It’s all meant to pull you into the seat where there are countless reasons to never get out.

Athletic Racing Simulator Appearance

With its assertive stance and sculpted lines, the GTA™️ Driving Simulator is a balance of beauty and strength.


  • Length: 42-56 inches
  • Steering height: 24-27 inches
  • Total heights: 40-44 inches
  • Width: 23 inches
  • Pedal Plate Angel: Adjustable
  • Gross Weight: 26 kg
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material: Steel, Synthetic Leather
  • Seat Bracket Material: Alloy Steel
  • Table Material: Alloy Steel

Standard Equipment:

  • GTA™️ Adjustable Bucket Racing Seat
  • GTA™️ Single Seat Slider
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel Plate
  • Adjustable Frame Length
  • Adjustable Pedal Angle

*Steering Wheel, Shifter, and pedals are not included


"Excellent beginner rig, super stable!!! The seat base is adjustable foore and aft and the seat back has a good range to accomodate how I want to sit which is very upright"
Amazon Customer
"I believe this to be the best setup and quality for the price. Assembly took about a half hour or so. Shifter can be mounted to either side."
Amazon Customer
"Everything fitted just right and everything was solid when put all together. The steel tubing and mount were nicely finished and offered a lot of work mounting different setups."
Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase
"Great setup for the money, no annoying bar like the playseat. Works great with my logitech G920 and shifter."
Amazon Customer
Nick Lippstrew