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The chair and frame don’t really determine which games you can play.

That’s down to the peripherals you choose in terms of steering wheel, throttle controls, joystick, etc. and which console (Xbox, PlayStation, ps4,  Logitech g920 , etc.) you use. Generally, these setups are used for driving / racing sims or flight sim.

This set comes with all screws to put the set together. But does not include mounting screws for steering wheel, pedal or monitor.

5 ft is the minimum human height I will suggest for you. There’s no limited for age, so just need to make sure the height is enough to control the simulator.

Yes. Seat is adjustable and also the steering wheel holder is adjustable as well.

Yes. The seat is easily adjustable like a car seat

It has an adjustable seat slide with a very nice range, as well as a recline adjustment just like a true race seat.

You will have to drill some holes, but yes, you can.

This seat can slide forward, backwards, and tilt forward and backwards.

This item is only for the frame and the seat. No steering wheel or monitor is included. 

It is just the seat and cockpit, and monitor mounts. Doesn’t come with sim software, or steering wheel or pedals.

You need 3 consoles it doesn’t matter if its a PS 3, PS 4,  or Xbox 360,  but for Xbox one, you would need three.

With all three, you will also need an Ethernet link to the internet with a multi Ethernet connection modem.

The other way is to get a gaming PC that has 3 or more of the following VGA, Display Port ( D P) DVI, DVi D, HDMI Ports which are found in the graphics cards that are in gaming PCs.

So if your choice is to use 3 consoles,  you need 3 Ethernet cables to connect to your computers modem or one gaming PC with the video card to run 3 monitors and some gaming computers. You can have more than one graphics card. 

The set will include a right side shifter only. You can purchase another shifter if you want. But you need to pay the extra fee for that cockpit. Go to shop.

The holes are predrilled for Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920.

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