David Porcelli

Born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey, David Porcelli was surrounded by cars since birth. With a grandfather living next door, who rebuilt luxury sports cars, a mother with a 1970’s roadster, and a father who maintained it, David was sure to pick up a wrench by the age of 3. By 5, his father had purchased David and his brother a used, go-kart to drive in the park across the street. David learned to drive stick shift by the age of 8 in the local A&P parking lot. Not able to follow the traditional and massively expensive route of carting, David would spend the next 10 years honing his skills in the park, and on simulators. By 15, David had raised enough money mowing lawns to buy himself his first car.

At age 21, having known he had wanted to race his whole life, David found the Skip Barber Indy Car Academy- a competition to give drivers with no professional racing experience a chance to prove they have what it takes to be a race car driver. In December 2014, David placed 2nd in the competition giving him funding and his first sponsors for his future racing career, starting with the 2015 Skip Barber Summer Series.

David Porcelli

David is currently in the top 5 point standings for the SBRS summer series and frequently stands on the podium thanks to training on GTR simulators. He is also raising money and acquiring sponsors to continue formula racing next year.

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