Setting benchmarks, not limits. CRJ Simulator Model


At 30,000 Feet, freedom is all you can see.

There are plenty of reasons why our the GTR CRJ Flight Simulator has outsold the combined total of its competition. Many of which are the same reasons why we have sold more simulator than anyone else. Sure, it’s exceptional performance and payload. Seat comfort, stability, reliability and value. But it’s also about the peace of mind that comes standard with every CRJ Flight Simulator. Because every simulator we build at GTR Simulator, stability and reliability is always at the forefront.

An aerodynamic masterpiece.  GTR CRJ Flight Simulator

One look at the CRJ Flight Simulator and you realize two things: it’s definitely a CRJ, and it’s by far the Bestone you’ve ever seen. The scaled-up seat confidently announces the aircraft’s simulation heritage.  The CRJ is more than simply a stretched rendition of other flight simulator. When you’re in the air, it delivers impressive stability while maintaining a great view all of the great runway characteristics you expect from GTR Flight Simulator.

Cockpit commonality.

Climb into a GTR CRJ Flight Simulator and you’ll notice a certain “rightness” to the flight deck, a sense of familiarity to the controls, and the ease of pilot operation.  Each of the CRJ Flight Simulator is the result of the precise and deliberate application of a design philosophy honed over decades, one based on a profound understanding of the way people fly. Nowhere is this more evident than on the flight deck, where we combine the latest thinking in human factors engineering, ergonomics and user experience design to create environments that make flying safer, simpler and more pleasurable.

Standard Equipment:

  • Throttle Mount (Left and Right)
  • Adjustable Seat
  • GTR Seat Slider

*Monitor, Yoke, Thottle, Shifter, and pedals are not included

Sovereign design. CRJ Flight Simulator.Sophistication and function unite.

The new CRJ Flight simulator is not only the best flight simulator yet, but it also boasts the most stylishly decorated, ergonomically designed seating position then ever. The CRJ Flight simulator features an adjustable frame so that the seating position will fit every player.  With all that area to work, your creativity will have plenty of room to make the space your very own. With some resourceful sidewall configuration, our engineers gained an extra two inches of width at foot level.  But 21st century passengers require more than just big, ergonomically designed seating to be comfortable.  What our customers want, the GTR CRJ Flight Simulator delivers.

Sovereign design. CRJ Flight Simulator

  • Length: 42-56 inches
  • Steering height: 23-26 inches
  • Monitor height: 46-53 inches
  • Total seat height: 43 inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Gross Weight: 39 kg
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material: Leatherette
  • Seat Bracket Material: Alloy Steel
  • Table Material: Alloy Steel
  • Monitor Mount: VESA standard compliant (MAX 65 inches for single monitor or 3 x 24 inches for standard triple monitor or 3 x 39 for large triple monitor stand)


"Everything I expected it to be! I set this up with three monitors and it works great. It is built good, easy to put together and I could not be happier. Have had several hours of great fun. I am a retired commercial pilot and rarely get to fly the real thing anymore, but this is a great and realistic way to stay in the loop!"
Amazon Customer
"Arrived as described and shipped quickly. Assembly was very easy and looked nice when completed. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality simulator!"
Amazon Customer
Curt A. Pieper
"High quality Seat, very comfortable. You can adjust the back to suit your needs and there are rails below it like a car seat allowing you to side back and forth. The metal is strong and was cut perfectly as everything fits like a glove. I love this product A+ and highly recommend! Props to the company making this product for an affordable price."
Amazon Customer
Dustin Holdiman
"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this simulator is simply awesome, and above standards of other price options. Try it and you'll love it!"

verified purchase
Paras Shah